Monday, June 18, 2007

Tuesday Night Prediction

This could be a tough one.

The weather blowing through is certainly going to put a little uncertainty into my prediction for this week. We had more than a week of stable weather and the fish were on some very solid patterns. Docks and the deep weedlines were both giving up some quality fish. The heat and high sunshine with little wind made the slop fairly productive as well.

So solid patterns and stable weather change to post frontal conditions. Typically fish get a little bit of funk on them when this happens, but I don't think this will be the case Tuesday night. I think the deeper fish will be suspended and a little tougher to catch, but the shallow fish tucked underneath the slop and overhanging piers will remain where they are, with a greatly reduced strike zone. If somebody gets on some deeper fish, there will be a monster caught tommorrow (in the five pound range), otherwise I predict a fish in the 3.5-3.75 range caught from underneath/around a pier will be a winner with lots of smaller fish caught.

I'll be pushing to fish some water around the first break before moving to hitting piers. Good, accurate casting will be essential.I've got a set of piers in mind if the sun is up when we get started.


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