Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy days and Mondays

Well now,

The weatherman says there's several days of unstable weather ahead. Cooler temps, north winds and rainy conditions mean its time to adapt a little bit. Put the plastics away for a couple days, and bust into the live bait. The operative word for the next little bit is SLOWER.

Consider fishing for walleyes, pike and muskies right now. These fish love these types of conditions. Target weed clumps in 15-22feet of water. Use small suckers and leeches for walleyes, spinners and larger suckers for the pike, and downsize your casting presentations for muskies.

Work areas slowly, making sure to keep contact with the structure. Active fish will be on top of or directly adjacent to the edges of points and weedlines. If you see or mark baitfish in an area around a weededge, you are in a high percentage spot.

Fishing can and will be tough during these next few days, but if you can get on a pod of active fish, you'll have some of the greatest fishing of the summer. There's also the added bonus of limited pleasure boaters during the next little stretch.

Good Luck Out There,

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