Monday, October 1, 2007

White Bass Baby!

When I was in college (well my undergraduate days anyway) the whitebass run was always an excuse to miss class for a week or two. In the spring and in the fall, they'd stack up like cordwood and we'd troll rapalas or cast spinners for them.

I miss the long days in the boat, filling cooler after cooler of them. Anyway, as the cheesy song from the parody band Shadd Rapp used to say:

The white bass are runnin'.....

Reports of good numbers and decent sized fish are coming in from the Blackhawk Island area of the Rock River.

If you're tired of musky fishing, and want some action, now is the time. Use leadhead jigs tipped with plastics or live bait, small rattletraps or inline spinners.

Go where the boats are, but try to line up over a break, either the channel edge or an outside turn as whitebass love to chase bait onto these areas.

Good Luck

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