Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Seven lucky preseason things to do!

Hey gang,

It may not seem like it, but opening day is a week from Saturday. Its time to make your list and check it twice.

1.)Get your fishing license. Do it now. nothing will slow you down more than having to wait for it opening morning. The new license system has been working for a spell, but even the old system would go down under the weight of so many applications on opening day.

2.)While you're out to get your license, get your line changed on your reels. I'm a nut about it and change my line after almost every trip, but if you still have last years line on the spool, pull it off and get some fresh line put on.

3.)Check your tacklebox. Are you running low on anything? Hooks, sinkers, bobbers and swivels all get used up. Is everything in the box or did you set some stuff aside? Are all the hooks sharp and rust free on your crankbaits? Did your plastics dry out? Do you need to tie up some leaders or spinner harnesses? Want to try something new? We've got a host of new tackle in the shop this year. Make yourself a list and stop in the shop to stock up.

4.)Sign up for newsletter. We send out informative articles and a special offer periodically to people on our email list.

5.)Check your boat. Are your batteries charged up? Do you have the plug? Gasoline? Oil? Is your trailer's wiring harness working and are the bearings lubed?

6.)Fishing from shore? Check the right hand column for lots of local options.

7.)Keep checking in to this site for up to date information. I have three days set aside to scout lakes prior to opening day this year and I'll post information on lake conditions from around our area.

See ya soon

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