Sunday, April 20, 2008

Today's Report

I was out with a client on Oconomowoc this morning and Okauchee this afternoon.

Oconomowoc was pretty dry. There's lots of bass, muskies and walleyes sunning themselves in shallow water, but we didn't find any crappies in any of the usual spots. In fact we only saw one school of panfish in the small lake.

We pulled out and relaunched at the Golden Mast. We went down to the river mouth. There were lots of boats fishing the south end of the flat, with a few in the crane's nest. We fished the Crane's Nest for a bit. There were lots of crappies moving around, but they weren't really biting. So we pulled up anchor and headed for Garvin.

As you may know, I grew up on Garvin Lake, and I know it very well. Today was no different. We pulled up to my first spot and we started catching a mixed bag of panfish along a 8-12 foot drop. Many were small, so we picked up again, and hit a a second spot. We caught a few more, then headed for Stumpy Bay.

We got a few bites, and the boats around us were catching a few, but the bite continued to be slow, so we called it a day. We ended up with 12 keepers (8bluegills/4 crappies) out of about 35-40 fish.

Main lake water was high 40's with the bay in the low 50's.

Its only going to get better.


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