Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Updated Fishing Report

I'm heading out with Paul Smith from the Journal Sentinel today, so I spent a little time checking around.

Dells: Close to peak right now. Several large fish were taken this past week. Lindy rigs seem to be doing the bulk of the catching right now.

Depere: Lots of fish being caught by lots of boats. The biggest fish do not appear to be in the area yet, but several 25+ inch walleyes have been caught recently. Be prepared for a crowd.

Winneconne: Has been hit or miss, not much in between. Still a little early I would say.

Oshkosh: Looks like at least a week till the run gets going. The river in town and at the mouth still have lots of floating ice. Rainbow park and Ceape street launches are open.

Rock River: At or over flood stage pretty much everywhere. Water continues to rise. Blackhawk island is flooded and people are fishing off their decks. hwy 106 is close to flooding out by last report. Water temp is low 40's, lots of males being caught below jefferson dam.

I'm heading to jefferson/Fort today and will bring back a current report.

Stay Safe and good luck,

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