Monday, May 5, 2008

Tuesday Night Prediction

The big bass league starts tonight. Ray said I should make my predictions again this year.

It will take a big one to win tuesday night. The weather has been stable for a couple days, there's a nasty cold front on the way, and the fish are starting to come shallow.

I predict that 2 of the league's biggest 5 fish of the season will be caught tuesday night.

I'll go big and say you'll need a 5lb fish to even compete for the top 3 slots. I think a fish over 5lb 5 oz will win, with a six pound fish very, very possible.

Join us. Pay at the shop, then livewell check is at 5:50pm at Harley's on the Channel.


PS Edits after I woke up this morning, writing posts at 2am leads to some grammar problems apparently.

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