Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Update 5-31-08

I apologize for being behind on getting this up for you. You can always email me, call the shop, or stop in for up to date information.

The weather has remained on the cool side with the exception of Memorial Day. The cold front that rolled through on Tuesday largely slowed fishing down, and its just now coming back around.

Water temps on most areas lakes are in the mid to high 60's with a few of the smaller, dark bottom bays getting up to the low 70's on the warmer, sunny days. The recent wind we've had has kept angling pressure down.

Largemouth bass have spawned in several areas, but there are some stragglers. Some males can be seen in the shallows defending fry, and a few nests still have fish hanging around. While smallmouth are moving in rocky and sandy areas, especially on the warmer, sunny afternoons. A few are starting to nest, but in much deeper water than usual.

For largemouths, concentrate on sandy or rock areas near inside weed edges, or on the end of shallow points. Shakey heads, wacky worms, tubes, jig and chunk or texas rigged worms are solid bets. On windy days, throw crawfish or perch colored shallow running crankbaits or smaller sized white and chartreuse spinnerbaits.

Musky continue to patrol the shallow flats, and a few fish are starting to appear in transition areas between shallow rock and weeds. Swimbaits, jerkbaits, gliders, shallow running joined minnow baits and bucktails are catching fish right now.

Pike are using areas with new weed clumps, both mainlake and in the bays. Spinners, both r-bend (bass style) and inline spinners, minnow baits and small suckers on a slip sinker rig are catching fish right now.

Walleye fishing has been slow, but steady. The mayflies haven't hatched for the most part due to the low water temps, and anglers are catching some nice fish. The walleyes have moved a little deeper, and anglers need to stay on the move to stay with the fish. Vertically jigging or backtrolling lindy rigs tipped with leeches, nightcrawlers, small suckers or large fatheads has been producing some daytime bites. Anglers fishing early in the morning and later inn the evening have been catching a few using slipbobbers and leeches along the outside edge of shallow to mid-depth weeds in 6-15 feet of water.

Crappies have moved in shallow and are about to spawn. Look for them around shallow weeds, wood laydowns and reeds in 3-8 feet of water. Small fatheads or rosie reds, tailhooked and fished under bobbers is the best approach.

Bluegills are scattered. smaller gills are moving into sandy areas with scattered weeds or suspending around the deep piers posts over gravel or sandy areas. Bigger gills have remained deeper and can be found along weed edges in 12-18 feet of water. Panfish plumpers, redworms and plastics tipped with waxworms have all been producing.

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