Thursday, June 12, 2008

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Here's the Latest from jsonline (who are really on top of this story I might add)

THURSDAY, June 12, 2008, 2:57 p.m.
By Amy Rinard
Officials watching Waukesha County dams

Delafield - Record high water on Lake Nagawicka went down two to three inches overnight but the city continued sandbagging today in the event more rainfall causes the Bark River Dam to fail, Fire Chief Jack Edwards said.

"We have a bit of breathing room now," he said of the lake water receding. "But our main concern is the forecast and how much rain we get today."

A crew of firefighters continued filling sandbags today in case they are needed to keep water off Highway C, Genesee St., downtown if the dam fails.

Sandbags already had been placed at the sides of the dam and along most of the river from the dam to Genesee St. to help contain the high rushing water let loose when the flood gates were opened farther than usual Wednesday.

"We'll be ready to put sandbags across the road in case there is a complete failure of the dam, which we do not anticipate," said Edwards.

Meanwhile, downstream, the state Department of Natural Resources continued an effort to block off one of two channels at a former hydroelectric dam at Main St. and Mill Rd. that failed Wednesday when more water was released at the Bark River Dam.

Summit Police Chief James Race said the water level of Upper Nemahbin Lake below the mill pond dam rose overnight.

County Highway DR near Venice Beach Rd. at the channel between Upper and Lower Nemahbin Lakes remained closed today. Race said water over the road now was as high as 22 inches and nearly floated away his Ford Expedition SUV when he tried to drive through it.

As many as 10 families have evacuated their homes on Upper Nemahbin Lake because of high water, Race said. Three houses near the channel remain occupied and homeowners are sandbagging to try to save their property from flooding.

The town was scheduled today to pick up 7,000 more sandbags from a federal warehouse in Waunakee. The town already has delivered several tons of sand in the flooded areas for property owners to use to fill the bags, said Race.

Also in Summit, rising water on Upper Genesee Lake this morning caused a half-empty propane tank to come loose from it base, start floating and tip over. Crews were called to secure the tank.

"We were afraid it was leaking," said Race, adding that it was found later the tank did not have a leak.
Close to the water? Here's the adress of the state of wisconsin's flood information page:


Here's what we have:

Okauchee: Open to launching at the public and at the golden mast, slow no wake. Violators are getting heavy tickets.
Fowler: Launch Open, water and current very high. Slow no wake.
Moose:Launch Flooded, but open. Slow No Wake.
Silver: Launch open, slow no wake.
Beaver: Carry in launch is open, slow no wake.
Pine: Launch is open, slow no wake.
Nagawicka: launch open, slow no wake TFN.
Pewaukee: Launches are open, slow no wake.

Rock River: Approaching highest flood stage on record, many road are closed adjacent to the river. All launches from Jefferson Dam to Newville either flooded out or closed.
Oconomowoc: Closed to launching due to extremely high water.
Kessus: Launch closed TFN.
Upper, Middle and Lower Genessee: Closed.
Upper and Lower Phantom: Closed to launching TFN.
Lower Nashotah, Upper and Lower Nehmabins, all closed to launching. The bark river is swelling over the frontage road DR.
Lac Labelle: Launch Flooded out, very hazardous to launch.

If you get information that's not posted here, email us and we'll update the list.

Stay safe.

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