Thursday, June 12, 2008

Updates 6-12-2008, 3:30am

More rain in the forecast for thursday and friday, and the weather system carrying it looks to be a big one.

Slow No Wake is Everywhere. If you are out on the water, be aware of changing conditions, and maintain slow no wake as a courtesy to landowners. On many area lakes, piers are totally submerged, so be careful when fishing near shore.

Dave van Ert is cancelling the CNR Thursday Night Bass Tournament on Nagawicka this week due to the conditions there.


Status Reports:
Phantom Lake Dam is holding.

Nagawicka/Bark River Dam has been re-enforced by the town of Delafield.

Lac Labelle launch totally under water, water is now into community center adjacent to west edge of parking area at Labelle.

Kessus, and the Genessee lake launches are closed TFN.

Bark River/Nehmabin flooding has lead to some evacs, more are expected if Nagawicka Dam fails.

Rock River predicted to be highest ever recorded. All dams between Watertown and Indianford are in good condition, although the water is still rising. The lake is 8 feet above summer pool.

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