Monday, July 7, 2008

It is Summertime last.

Panfish are largely done with the spawn, but a few bluegills remain in nesting areas. Look for the better fish to start schooling in deeper water along the weedlines over the next couple weeks.

LM Bass: Topwaters are working, as is fishing piers. Deeper fish are relating to the weedlines in 10-15 feet of water.

SM Bass: Fishing has been good early and later in the day, a little slower when the sun is up high. Concentrate on the ends of rockbars and in weeds adjacent to shallow rocky structure. Cranks and tubes are catching fish.

Walleye: Steady bites, especially in the evening on live bait. Weedlines and deeper flats with sandgrass are holding the most fish.

Northern: Shallow bite with smaller fish is on fire. Spinner and buzzbaits are catching lots of undersize fish in 5-10 feet, especially around pond-grass and scattered patches of coontail or milfoil.

Musky: Shallow fish using rockbars to feed on juvenile perch on cloudy days, but the consistent fishing has been in much deeper water. Look for fish around the ends of deeper points, humps or bars, or suspended in as deep as 60 feet of water.

Good Luck

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