Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summertime, Summertime!

Don't get the hot weather blues, just plan ahead when fishing.

Consistent fishing will occur for the next few weeks, but being ready to pick up and move becomes more important.

Although the photocycle is actually getting shorter now, the sun is very direct this time of year. Fish in the shallows will feed actively in the morning and evening, and be more neutral during the day.

When bass fishing, start with topwaters, spinnerbaits or buzz baits over weedflats early. Then as the sun gets up, you have two choices, move out deep and concentrate on weedlines and points, or move in tight to overhanging cover in the shallow areas.

There is a belief that shallow water won't hold big fish this time of year. It is a myth, pure and simple. There are nice fish to be caught out the shallow water, but the get way up underneath the piers or deep into the slop where there is shade and usually some food nearby.

Skipping piers can be productive all day long this time of year. I see two things that people do almost universally wrong when skipping piers. First (and I'm guilty of this myself) they fish way too fast. Really fishing piers requires several casts to different parts of the piers, boatlifts and pontoon boats in the water. piers that hang over slighty deeper water are prime time and should be hit with mutliple casts from various angles.

The second thing I see people do when they are fishing piers is fail to pay attention to the shadows. When casting to a pier, look at the angle of the sun and see where the darkest part of the shade is, that's ther area most likely to hold fish. If you have forgotten your basic high school science lessons, here's a reminder, as the sun moves, so does the shade a pier/boatlift or pontoon boat casts. The fish will adjust to these changes throughout the day, but frequently anglers won't.

Good Luck Out There,

PS, I'll get a current fishing report up later this week. Check in at the shop in the meantime.

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