Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday update 9-15-08

Well gang,

we look to be in for some nice weather this week. It might be your last chance to enjoy some real sunshine for awhile, so consider getting out this week. The lakes won't be too busy as many guys are thinking about their treestands and less about their trolling motors.

Bass will be moving into their fall patterns. They'll follow the baitfish into rocky areas and the inside weedlines. In the mroning look for them to be tight to cover, but as the day progresses look for them to be roaming on the shallow flats and rockbars in search of food. Rapalas, wacky worms, skirted grubs, lipless crankbaits, jig/chunk combos and texas rigged lizards can deliver. If you find some fish on a weedline, a small crankbait can get you some action.

Northern Pike will get real active in the next 20 days. You can still target them with live bait along the deep weedlines, but lipless crankbaits in a silver and blue pattern can really produce. Spinner baits and small bucktails will also catch fish.

Walleye should be moving into shallow water, especially early and late, although I haven't heard or seen it happening just yet. For now trolling slowly with spinner rigs along the breaks between 10-15 or 18-22 feet of water is your best bet. Pulling cranks can also produce. A few walleyes and saugers are starting to move into the Rock River from Lake Koshkonong and can be targeted with jig and minnow or jig and plastic combinations in and around the deeper holes from the mouth up to the Jefferson Dam.

Musky fishing is just on the edge of going from good to fantastic. Many fish have moved out of deeper water and are holding around the deep weed edges. A few are even roaming the shallow flats and a handful have moved onto the shallow rocks in search of juvenile perch. Most fish are being taken around weed edges by casters, but a few are still being caught while trolling big crankbaits. Concentrate your efforts in areas with visible baitfish for the best chance at success. If casting, keep a sucker out on a quickstrike rig, lazy follows will often convert on the sucker if its out there.

Good Luck,

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