Monday, September 1, 2008

Time to Fish!

Summer's over, and as the pleasure boats leave the lakes, its time to hit the water. Fall fishing is great. But first some housekeeping.
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  • There's an IMTT Musky Tournament on Okauchee on the 20th. We don't have as much to do with the IMTT Circuit as we did when Mike was around and I mention this only for those who are interested. If you want more information, I suggest heading over to their website (link on right hand column) for more information.

  • Our Canada trip is a go. There is a link to a promotional powerpoint in the right hand column. Feel free to email me if you'd like additional information.

  • And feel free to email me if you're heading out. I'll give you whatever help I can. We do all this for you as much as anything....


LM bass will continue to use the same areas they have been in for a few weeks, but start to focus your attention towards rocky areas. Shallow rocks can hold fish, especially in the afternoons and evenings.

SM Bass appear to be chasing the large schools of baitfish that are roaming the open water of most area lakes this season. When this occurs, smallmouth will suspend over deeper water, and make foraging runs into the shallows once or twice, sometimes even three times a day. This is primetime for topwater fishing, but don't overlook smaller swimbaits, twister tail grubs or small jigworms as options for finicky fish. Dropshotting with a Gulp Minnow has been catching a few fish.

Walleye continue to remain deep. Fish have been coming from anywhere between 18-28 feet. I was marking fish Sunday afternoon in both 19 and 26 feet on Oconomowoc. Lindy rigs, slip bobbers or trolling bottom bouncers/spinner harnesses will be the best approach for the short term, but soon casting larger minnow baits around shallow weeds during the low light hours will produce.

Northern continue to be caught on many area lakes. The pattern has been consistent most of the season. Deeper fish have been bigger, and live bait has been the best option, while the shallow water fish have been smaller, but numerous. Target the shallow fish with swimbaits, spinner or buzzbaits.

Musky fishing has continued to be slow but steady. Most fish are being taken trolling open water with deep diving crankbaits but a few are still being caught early and late on topwaters fished over the weed flats.

Panfish are still deep, but some are moving into the shallow weeds. I'd say this is more of a movement to feed than a seasonal movement. There are large schools of baitfish around shallow weeds amd the gills and crappie have followed this bait in. Look for them anywhere between 5-15 feet for the next ten days.
Fishing Reports will be updated as conditions warrant or as we get additional information. Keep checking in, drop us a line if you're heading out to fish or if there's information you'd like to see.

Good Luck Out There,

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