Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Update: 12-3-08

Well gang, there's not much to report just yet.

Ice has formed on the traditional early spots, but reports on how thick it actually is have been pretty few and far between.

There's Ice on Bay Five and Tierney Bay. Forest Lake off Highway C is also covered. Some reports have the ice as thick as 3", but those have not been verified. If you are heading out, spud your way and wear a PFD. We need a solid cold snap for ice production.

I'd expect people to start heading out this weekend, but we need some cold before I'll be out there. If you just have to get out, the gills are biting by Skipper Buds in Oshkosh, although ice reports there have been sketchy.

We'll stay up to date as information is available, but your best bet is always to stop in and check out the latest conditions in the shop. Besides, we're having a 15% of sale right now. A great time to stock up on your ice fishing gear and re-stock anything you used up during open water.

Stay Tuned,

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