Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weekend Outlook

Well, I hope you survived our snowstorm. It was a doozy. Reports have some more on the way over the next week.

Fishing has been good when people have been out. The weekday fisherman have been fewer in number this season, but by accounts they appear to be doing very well.

Panfish continue to bite in significant numbers, but you will have to sort through them to get keepers. For Bluegills: a teardrop or ratfinkee tipped with waxies, garlic waxies, spikes or mousies. Crappies: The same rig, but also try a crappie minnow tail hooked. Either way suspend your bait just above or right at the depth you see the fish on your camera or electronics. Golden, Okauchee, Fowler, Nagawicka, Forest as well as upper Nashotah and upper and middle Geneesse have been better than average.

Pike have been on fire since early ice. A spinner-treble leader baited with a shiner has been the best overall option. Lots of shorties are reported, but some quality sized (30+ inchers) are still being caught on many lakes. Any of the lakes or river backwaters with marshy areas should have solid pike action. But consider trying the Bay Five, Icehouse Bay or Crane's nest areas on Okauchee. Golden and Moose are usually pretty good this time of year as well.

We've had limited reports of walleye being caught, but Lac Labelle is starting to see some fisherman out on the ice. There's some nice weeds and a pretty good drop off just off the public launch/beach area if you want to give it a go. Pine, Nagawicka, North and Golden also have walleyes and can be productive if you find the fish. The best reports we have right now are from Beaver Dam and Fox Lake.

Good Luck and stay safe

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