Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cold Weather Ahead

Well gang, there's a nasty bit of cold weather rolling through this week. If you're heading out, just remember to take precautions against the wind. If you've been sizing up a portable shelter, this might be the week to get one.

Conditions remained pretty steady this week, pike and panfish continue to bite, but anglers are reporting that some of the bigger fish are moving out of the shallow areas. This is not an uncommon migration at this point in the winter, as bluegills and crappies begin to suspend over deeper water. The good point about this next cold snap is that it will firm up the ice over deeper water letting you get at these schools of fish.

I'd still stick to the protected shallow areas this week, if only to get out of the worst of the wind, but when this weather has passed through, I'd move out to deeper water to find fish.

Good Luck

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