Thursday, January 29, 2009

Update 1-29-09

Hey gang,

Sorry I haven't been johnny on the spot with the wintertime fishing reports, but thanks for emailing me to let me know you're reading this blog.

Conditions haven't changed radically over the past several weeks. On days with higher pressure, the fishing can be tough. The pike continue to bite, and while the numbers are down slightly, the size of the fish is still above average.

Keessus, Okauchee, Golden, Moose, and Nagawicka have been consistent producers, especially in the deeper protected bays. Any green weeds indicate a high percentage area. Most fish continue to be caught on a spinner leader with a red treble. The best bait has been shiners or suckers, but it often just depends on who you are asking.

The panfish bite has slowed down, but I think that has more to do with angler location than a drop off in the bite. By this point in the winter, the best panfish have moved out to suspend over deeper water. Crappie will tend to suspend high in the water column, bluegills lower. You may catch some off the bottom, but the solid parts of schools will be just over half way down. Drill a series of holes when you first set up, then go back with your electronics/flashers and see if you mark any suspended fish. If you do, set up and fish just above them, you won't believe some of the fish you catch. Where to look for them? Think summer structure: points, rockpiles, humps and dropoffs in 15-25 feet of water. The closer to the mainlake, the better.

Walleye fishing has been slow, but steady. Watch for the bite to pick to during the next moon phase. Look for fish in water 8-22 feet deep. Its quite a range, but spread your tip-ups out until you find fish, then concentrate on that area/depth.

Good Luck,

PS. Ice fishing gear is 20% in February. Stock up for those Jamborees!

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