Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring into action

Well gang, its that time of the year. Lots of opportunities popping up for fishing.


Rock: The spawning run is on. Fish are in the river, and a few are staging at the mouth. They can be difficult to connect with, so be prepared to do some moving around. If you find fish, dig in on that spot. Expect the walleye run to peak in 10 days. A few anglers are starting to report whitebass, and you can expect that bite to get very hot, very soon. The water conditions are constantly changing and slow no wake is in effect.

Depere: Its been busy, but there's already some big fish moving into the river. Peak is 10-15 days out.

Dells: Consistent action from fish, especially smaller fish are those in the protected slot. Stay deep and go finesse.

Local Lakes:

The ice is off most local lakes. Expect crappies to move in the shallow, dark bottom bays and channels very quickly. If the weather stabilizes after this little cold snap, I would say early season crappies would be active by this weekend.

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