Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update for the opener...

I was out and about on Thursday. Here's what to expect when you hit the water this weekend.

1.) Water temps in the low to mid fifties. Some isolated bays may be approaching 60 degrees, but they will likely be the exceptions.

2.) Limited new growth of weeds. New green growth of weeds is jsut beginning, and any you are able to find will likley hold fish.

3.)Higher than average water. There's no restrictions like last year, but pay attention to the conditions.

Panfish: staging on weed flats and marshy areas. Biting good on the warmer afternoons. Plastics tipped with waxworms on are hot right now.

Bass: Pre spawn. Look for small groups of fish to be cruising in the shallow water. Large fish can be caught on a jerbait or slow rolled spinnerbait on the deep edges of points near spawning coves.

Northern: Lots of fish in the shallows, live bait, buzzbaits or lipless crankbaits will produce the most fish.

Walleye: Lots of fish on the 6-12 foot deep flat areas. especially around, but out of the current, and in any shallow standing weeds.

Musky: Live baiting with suckers, small bucktails and jerkbaits are your best options for the opener. Reports of a mid 50" musky have been circulating on Okauchee for a few days.

Good Luck.

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