Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MMTNBBL: Prediction

I'll take the under bet this week.

This cooler weather and the off and on rain might make for a challenging night. I'm not sure how many people will fish. If the weather holds off, some decent fish will be caught, especially by anglers who take their time and fish slowly and tight to overhead cover or along rock/weed transition areas.

Post spawn conditions will continue to hamper a few anglers. The hot bite, what there will be of it tonight will be in sandy or rocky areas with lots of baitfish. Most fish will have assumed a neutral feeding position and will have a small strike zone. Anyone fishing piers is going to have to take their time to be really successful. If the weather improves a little by game time, a topwater/buzzbait bite might produce a nice fish or two.

I'm on the under so lets say around 3.75 to win with better than a 3lber to place. A four pound or better fish would be tough to beat tonight.

Sign up at the shop by 5:30, livewell check is at 5:50 at Point Comfort.

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