Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Report/ Free Fishing Weekend

Well gang, the weather looks to be turning a bit sour again. It'll be summer sometime, but for right now, think spring.

Bass, walleye and pike fishing is slow and steady. With this bad cold front set to move through, I'd say its time to break out the live bait. Water conditions are more like early may than early june. Suckers, shiners or fatheads on lindy or other slip sinker rigs will produce. Find fish by dragging these rigs while using your electric trolling motor. You don't want to be going over 1mph.

Trolling bite has been pretty good on Koshkonong and Winnebago, but the wind has been limiting the number of guys heading out.

Musky fishing has been very good. Lots of mid to upper 40s have been reported. Oconomowoc and Okauchee have both been very consistent this season.

Free fishing weekend:

Free fishing weekend is a great time to take youngsters out to try fishing. Keep it simple when taking kids out for the first time. Its been my experience that action is far more important than size with kids that are new to fishing.

While the cooler weather this spring has made fishing a bit on the slow side, it has provided you with an excellent opportunity for this weekend. The water temperature is just about right for panfish to start schooling up in the shallow water, and in many places this means there are fish accessible with a cast from shore.

You won’t need much in the way of tackle. A few bobbers, a bag of split shots and some quality hooks and some live bait will provide you plenty of action. Small minnows, waxworms, redworms, leafworms and/or leeches are great options for chasing shallow water panfish.

Personally, I like the public landings at the Okauchee, School Section or Moose Lake boat launches for shore fishing. Other good spots are Forest Lake (in Nashotah Park) and the public shorelines around Upper Gennessee. There's a good list of local shore fishing locations in the right hand column.

If you’re heading out in a boat, The Cranes Nest, Bay Five, Icehouse and Stumpy Bay on Okauchee Lake, or Ashippun, Garvin, Silver, Golden, and Middle Gennessee lakes all have active gills in the shallow water right now.

Stop in the shop, and we’ll get you set up. We have handouts with directions to local shore fishing areas, and we can provide that last minute advice to make your trip successful. Take a kid fishing this weekend. Trust me, the smile on their face is more than worth the effort.


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