Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post Christmas Update

The rain has made ice conditions variable, especially over deeper water. Exercise caution when heading out.

Limited reports came to me this week, but here's what I have. Panfish are biting in the shallow bays, especially mid day through early afternoon. Gills are relating to green weeds, crappies have moved to wood and around sunken junk piles. A few brave souls who ventured out over deeper water caught some nice fish off the fish attractors in 12-22 feet of water.

Walleyes biting just before/after first light and again in the late afternoon. Shiners are outproducing small suckers. Tail hooking them on a light set tip up seems to be the most productive.

Pike are active and feeding aggressively. Look for them at the mouths of the shallow bays, near the first drop off. Big bait is producing better fish.

Stay safe. The snow is covering alot of bad ice.


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