Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fishing Report 2-10-2010

Well, another round of snow and winter continues. If we could get another 10-12 inches before the spring thaw, it would really help the rivers to get going this year, but for now, let's just talk about what's going on.

Lots of fish are being caught, but like any other time of year some days are better than other days. The pike have been consistent most of the season, but I'd say from the reports I'm hearing its time to go big or go home. Large live bait is the key to bigger fish. Lots of anglers are reporting seeing small yellow perch, and this is a key indicator of what the pike will be eating, not just now, but throughout this year.

For now, look for weeds in 6-15 feet of water, and spread your gear out across the depths until you connect. Bigger bait, suspended just above the weeds would be my first setup, especially if you can find the edges of the patch of weeds you are working.

Panfish bite has been better than average this year. Wigglers, spikes and garlic waxies are producing right now. The key is to spend some time looking for fish, and then fish hard in an area with an active school. You'll find fish anywhere from 6 to 25 feet right now, but the better fish will be suspended just off the bottom adjacent to structure in the deeper water. Electronics, flashers and cameras will really help you.

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