Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fishing report 3-13-10

Ice conditions are rapidly deteriorating on local lakes. I advise extreme caution if you're heading out for some late ice action. Some lakes are starting to break up, especially near areas of current.

River fishing for walleyes and saugers is going to be the next hot bite. Fish are already being caught in the Dells and at Depere. Closer to home, the Rock River is starting to open up between the dam in Jefferson and the mouth at Blackhawk Island.

Early reports from Jefferson have the river open for boats, but with lots large chunks of ice still coming down. The water level is rising quickly. The water temp is 34-36 degrees. In other words, its still very early, but expect the bite to pick up very quickly there.

As the water is rising, and the current increasing, I recommend anchoring and fishing with three ways, especially when the current is strong, but be very, very careful and keep a sharp knife ready to cut your anchor line. If a sheet of ice catches your bow line, it can push the front end of your boat down allowing water over the gunwale. Trust me, this is a bad situation, especially with the water as cold as it is right now.

Be careful, but have fun. The river runs are a great way to kick off the season.

Stay tuned, updates as conditions dictate.

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