Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Annual: Pre-Opening Day Post

Things to do before the opener:

1.) Go and get your fishing license. Do it now. Nothing will slow you down more than having to wait for it on opening morning.You can get it online from the DNR.

2.) Get your line changed on your reels. If you still have last years line on the spool, pull it off and get some fresh line put on. Your friendly neighborhood baitshop staffe can help you with the job, but again, take a trip out to before May 1st. It'll save you some time and and a ton of the hassle .

3.) Check your tackle box.
• Are you running low on anything? Hooks, sinkers, bobbers and swivels all get used up.
• Is everything in the box or did you set some stuff aside?
• Are all the hooks sharp and rust free on your crankbaits?
• Did your plastics dry out?
• Do you need to tie up some leaders or spinner harnesses?

4.) Check your boat.
Are your batteries charged up?
• Do you have the plug?
• Gasoline? Oil?
• Is your trailer's wiring harness working and are the bearings lubed?

  Do you have your Life Jackets?
  Fire Extinguisher?
  Battery Terminals Covered?

5.) Try Something New: Stop into the shop. Musky Mikes has a great selection of tackle for our local lakes, and the staff can help you to make some good choices. We’re looking at fairly average water temperatures for the opener this year.

6.)Sign up for the newsletter, check out the facebook group online and stay tuned.

7.) I'll be scouting on Friday April 30th, and will have an up to date report on the local conditions posted Friday Night at my guide blog. Make sure you check in before you hit the water.


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