Sunday, April 25, 2010

DNR Press Release

Key Section:

Southeastern Wisconsin
Walleye and northern pike are done spawning and out actively feeding. Musky are just starting their spawn. Pre-spawn, largemouth bass are schooling-up, congregating in shallow bays actively feeding on panfish attracted to warming waters found there. Smallmouth bass are in rocky shallows, searching for emerging crayfish. Having left their egg-skeins draped on submerged shoreline brush, yellow perch are done spawning. Come opening day, musky should be done spawning, and all game fish should be actively feeding as they put-back weight lost over winter or through spawning. Fish shallow along drop-offs early and late for walleyes and northern pike; and in shallow bays mid-day for bass. Smallmouth bass will be near rock, pier pilings and boat-lift tracks; largemouth will be over dark bottom hiding in ambush near emerging aquatic plants. - Randy Schumacher, fisheries supervisor, Southeast Wisconsin

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