Friday, November 12, 2010

The cold cometh....

There's been some better than average musky action occurring on our local lakes, but if you look at the fishing reports, the fish that are being caught are high 30s to mid 40 inch fish.

Fun, for sure, but as I was looking through fish pictures this week, I noticed that I hadn't seen many fish over 45 come in this fall. I think, though I don't know for sure obviously, the warmer weather has kept some of the larger fish from putting on the feedbag. But the the weather is set to start cooling off in dramatic fashion, that's sure to ring the dinner bell.

If you're not heading to the treestand in the coming weeks, now's the time to hit the water for the fish of a lifetime. All of our area musky lakes have 50+ inch fish in them. That's Lac Labelle, Pewaukee, Garvin, Okauchee, North Lake and Oconomowoc if you're looking for a spot to go.

Good Luck, and remember to send us your pictures.

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