Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update 12-12-10

Well gang, winter's here, and with it, the ongoing requests for ice conditions.

First off: Never assume the ice is safe, always take precautions, and use common sense when heading out. Take it from me, going through is not fun.

Most of the smaller lakes, and the shallow protected bays on the larger lakes have between 2-4 inches, but deeper water and heavy current areas are still open. People have been heading out to the early ice spots, but I'd still wait till the next cold snap pulls through before I'd wander too far, especially near deeper water.

Anglers are starting to catch a few pike on tips with live bait. Crappies have been active a couple times a day, especially near current or springs.

Be careful if you're heading out. Use the buddy system, spud your way out, and even consider a PFD. Things should stabilize in the next two weeks.


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