Friday, August 31, 2007

Labor Day Weekend Update

Well gang, it looks to be a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. Sunny with Temps 75-80 everyday through ealry next week. The lakes are likely to be busy with the nice weather, fish early and late to avoid the crowd.

Fishing has been above average the last ten days or so. After the fronts moved through, the fish have adopted some steady patterns.

For bass, fish early and late with topwaters over shallow flats. Active fish will make foraging runs a couple times a day. Cover lots of water if you can. During the middle part of the day, chase them along the ends of points or on the deeper structure with live bait or skip piers with tubes and wacky worms.. Lots of nice fish have been taken lately on the traditional circle hook/sucker presentation along the weedlines. A 5.78 pound largemouth won the Tuesday Night Big Bass League this week. Best bets for big bass are Pine and Okauchee, with Silver, Kessus and the Genessee's being more action orientated.

Northerns have been fairly active along the deeper weedlines. Cast for them with Spinnerbaits or cranks, use larger suckers on a circle hook rig as a live bait option. For action: Try Nagawicka or Okauchee.

Musky: Its been hit or miss for Musky's all season. They get hot for a couple of days then they are ghosts for a couple. Although some people are still trolling deeper. don't overlook shallow water for Musky. Cast with Bucktails, Bulldogs, big chatterbaits or topwaters. A bukctails with a white or white/chartruese skirt and a gold blade seems to be drawing alot of follows right now. Cant beat Okauchee, Pewaukee, Fowler or Oconomowoc right now.

Panfish: Plenty of small fish shallow if you just want to entertain the kids for a bit. A Panfish plumper underneath a small bobber with catch these fish. If you are looking for eating size panfish, fish the weedlines vertically or drift with live bait.

Walleye: Pine and Oconomowoc have been giving up some nice fish, but primarily to people fishing after dark. Look for them on flats with sandgrass or along the edge of vertical weed growth in 8-22 feet of water Small suckers, leeches and nightcrawlers are good choices for live bait. Labelle is your best option for action.

We can arrange guide trips, or provide you with up to date reports and advice, just stop in the shop.

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