Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Start Thinking About Fall

Hey Gang,

Its been plenty warm during the last couple days, but take it from this third shifter, its plenty cool at night already.

The photocycle is getting noticably shorter, and as the water temps begin to cool off, the best fishing of the year is just around the corner.

Over the next couple weeks, watch for fish to begin to move shallower during the day. Experience has taught me that fish binge this time of year, but they tend to feed in groups a couple times of day. When starting to look for a spot, pay attention to baitfish. If there's schools of minnows or small bluegeills around, chances are you are near some fish. Topwater baits are excellent this teime of year and can be used all day when there's cloud cover.

For now, bass remain in the summer patterns. Stick to what you've been doing for the last couple weeks. Puiers and slop will have fish shallow, with rocky points and drop concentrating the deeper fish.

Muskies have been all over shallower water lately. Ben says to fish swim baits as he thinks the fish are seeing too many Bulldawgs. I like to hit the weededges with a bucktail this time of year.

Pike were active this last week. Look for them along weedlines (both inside and outside) with spinnerbaits or suckers on a circle hook rig.

Walleyes are using structure in 18-25 feet of water as well as the outside edges of deep weed beds. Use live bait and fish vertical. Its primetime for backtrolling lindy rigs right now.

Panfish remain suspended along the weedines or out over deep water. Just after dark is the best time to fish for big panfish.

Keep at it and good luck out there...

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