Monday, February 4, 2008

Monday Fishing Report


The Stone Bank jamboree has come and gone, the winning northern came from Okauchee Lake.

Fishing patterns remain steady. Crappie, bluegills and pike are active on most area lakes. Forest, Kessus and Pine have all been giving up quality fish.

If you want some advice, here it is.

Proceed directly to Icehouse Bay, stop only at Musky Mikes for big shiners and/or crappie minnows, then go straight to Icehouse Bay. The northern's and crappies are starting their staging for late ice patterns. Watch for the Crane's Nest, Whitakers Bay, Tierney Bay and both ends of Bay Five to get red hot in the next ten to fifteen days as the pike begin their last big feed before staging to spawn.

The Crappie will be nearby. Its a perfect opportuity to jig for panfish and set out tip ups.

Stop in the shop for more information.

Good Luck

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