Friday, February 27, 2009

Last Weekend

Gamefish season closes sunday night at midnight. Its your last chance to ice that big winter pike you've been dreaming of.

Look for the pike to be in shallow, marshy areas staging for the spawn. The big fish bite is on, and a 41 inch pike was caught on Okauchee last week, with lots of anglers reporting catching 35+ inch fish the last few days.

Classic areas for pike in the last ice/prespawn mode will be shallow between 4-10feet of water with lots of weeds. The North end of Golden, the east bays of Kessus, the North shore of Lower Nehmabin, The Crane's Nest on Okauchee, the bay on Moose and the Kettle on Nagawicka have been my long time favorites. The old saying is: "if there's reed, you'll find what pike need." (Okay I just made that up, but its a good rule of thumb."

Skip the panfish this weekend, get one for the wall.


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