Monday, March 16, 2009

DNR 2009 Fishing Report

From the DNR's 2009 Fishing Preview:

Pewaukee and Okauchee lakes –

Musky enthusiasts continue to successfully hunt Pewaukee and Okauchee lakes for the
elusive giant. When comparing size and numbers, Pewaukee has more action while Okauchee has bigger fish. On Pewaukee in 2007, Muskies Inc. members caught 170
muskies with an average size of 35 inches. The same report on Okauchee registered
only 10 muskies with an average size of 40inches. These two premier musky destinations annually provide anglers with a chance at a fish of a lifetime.

Pine Lake
Pine Lake continues to produce many walleye with lengths in the high
20-inch range as reported by local anglers during the 2008 season. Biennial stocking of June fingerlings by the DNR ensures new fish recruitment.

Trout lakes

Trout anglers can find many opportunities on area trout lakes where the
DNR annually stocks 25,000 brook, brown and rainbow trout. Before opening day,
Fowler, Lower Genesee, Lower Nashotah and Ottawa lakes are stocked with legal-sized
trout. Historical creel surveys have revealed that experienced and novice anglers of all ages are very successful catching these trout.

The idea that Okauchee has a catch rate of 1 for every 17 musky caught on Pewaukee is questionable. I would guess this has more to do with the reliance on data from Muskys Inc than any sort of difference that actually exists.

The statewide report can be downloaded at:

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