Friday, March 6, 2009

Weekend Update 3-6-09

Well gang, it looks like spring is here. Time to make those transitional moves.

If you're heading out on the ice for panfish, just watch it. A couple of really warm days followed by some solid rain is going to mess up the ice pretty bad. As for finding fish, start thinking about spring, then move out to the nearest breakline from the early spring areas. Fish may still be deep and suspended, but look for them to make a move in the next week. Nightime fishing for crappie is sure to pick up at late ice.

If you're looking for some open water, here's what we have on the rivers:

Rock River open at Watertown and Indianford, Open water at Jefferson Dam, but the river in the Fort Atkinson/Jefferson area is still froze up. Open water areas have good flow, but relatively low levels compared to last year. The heavy rain and melting ice are likley to change these conditions quickly, so expect some updates this week.

One other note on the Rock River. Last year's flooding put alot of new stuff in the water. There's trees where there used to be open water. Watch it and your lower unit.

The Sauk Dam at the Dells is happening right now. The area near the River's Edge resort is producing fish, but expect it to get busy real quick with the change in weather. Jigs and lindy rigs with live bait appear to be catching most of the fish right now.

Depere is still frozen according to all reports. Some shore fishing is available apparently, but boat access is limited at best.

The Fox and Wolf Rivers in the Fox Valley/Oshkosh area are still frozen, but there is enough open water at Winneconne to fish from the bridge apparently. My sources in that area are getting ready to turkey hunt, and they've been a little short with up to date information.

Stay tuned....we'll update this blog as conditions merit.


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