Thursday, April 2, 2009

Weekend Update

Well gang, its supposed to be spring out there, but it sure hasn't looked like it the last week.

Not too much to report. Not many people have been out with the colder weather and rain we had.

The rock river is still at flood stage, the thursday night update is in the post below. The entire river is slow no wake and the officials in both Rock and Jefferson counties are taking the enforcement seriously. Reports from a few anglers who have been out indicate the water is high, fast and dirty. Expect to find fish along and in current breaks. If the temperatures stabilize, things will start happening very quick with both the walleyes and whitebass.

The local lakes are open. Water temps have been reported as high as 38, but most are consistently around 35. Panfish can be caught, but you'll have to move out to the breaks in 10-15 feet. A few stragglers are starting to appear in the shallow, north facing bays in the afternoons, but we need some warmer weather to get things going. Kessus, Ashippun, Golden, Nagawicka and Okauchee have all had some panfish action the past week.

If you're in the mood to travel, action has been consitent, if a bit on the slow side in both the Dells and at Depere. The weather kept my Oshkosh/Winneconne sources off the water this past week, but I'll be in touch with them.

Good Luck,

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