Monday, June 22, 2009

TNBBL/ fishing report

Its been slow, but steady for bass this season. The warmer weather is sure to get things going though.

Panfish are spawning, pike are moving out to the deep weedlines, and the topwater bite is picking up. Musky trollers are starting to catch fish in the deeper water.


Tuesday night is Big Bass League Night, and it will remain so through the rest of the season. We've had a an issue come up with our tournament permit, but we've worked it out. Every other week we have to keep the number of boats to 19 or less. We can have up to 99 guys (and or gals) but have to keep the number of boats down.

This week will be as it has been, anyone can signup, pay and fish. Depending on how many boats we have, next week we may have to control the number of boats. I'll be posting to let people know how things will be for each week. You can check lake-link or the shop's fishing report blog for the info.

If you're fishing this week, bring ice. You can use it, and put some in your live well. 90+ degrees in the afternoon tommorrow.

Chris Terry
Musky Mike's Bait & Tackle

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